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I have been in the TOPS program since the very first year it started. Its success has everything to do with the passion and dedication that many coaches have to develop great gymnastics. MY experience with the TOPS program has been very successful and helped me with many aspects of training every level athlete from level 1 up to world class athletes. I have enjoyed my 30 years of working in this program and getting to know many coaches from all over the country. The amount of talented gymnasts that evolved from training and testing through this program that have made our Olympic, World , and National Teams is extrodnary. Rebound Gymnastics Elite and many other gym clubs have also had a great success rate through this program. Many College scholarships have been earned because of the exceptional training. This has been a very successful year of testing, and congratulations to all the athlete's that qualify to the National testing in Indianapolis.

If anyone has any questions and would like help in developing a TOPS program in their gym just reach out to me @732-780-3223 or

Rebound Gymnastics with ENA, will be HOSTING a TOPS, HOPES 8 thru 10 Clinic

(attentive date) AUGUST 23-24TH 9:00 -12:30 AND 1:30- 5:00 pm

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